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Course List with Descriptions, Facilitator- Carolyn Tricoche


Promoting Diversity in Family Engagement & Early Childhood

Participants attending this session will experience a variety of hands-on strategies towards becoming a more understanding parent in a multicultural environment and will gain knowledge about how to engage with families from different backgrounds.

Promoviendo La Diversidad en el Compromiso Familiar Y La Educación Temprana

Este entrenamiento está enfocado en crear conciencia de la importacia del compromise familiar la educación de los niño y proveerá técnicas de cómo mejorar el compromiso de los paders con la escuela, el cuido y/o el centro de educación temprana. Tiene las herramientas necesarias para que maetros, padres, administradores y otros trabajadores de familia, puedan mejorar la relación con los padres de familia de su centro escolar.

Supporting and Engaging LGBT Families in Early Childhood Education

This training will give teachers and family workers the tools and knowledge they need to work with LGBT families and create a welcoming environment in their classrooms and early education centers. It is important that all families are important and the support we give them is a key component for their children’s success in school.

The Importance of Family Engagement to Support Dual Language Learners

Participants attending the session will focus on how to support dual language learners in families to encourage a more engaged parent towards their children’s education. Family engagement is an important step for a child’s success.

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