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Course List, Facilitator- Consuella L. Carter

Title and Hours

Are you the Bully in the Classroom? 2

Assisting Teachers with Virtual Learning in Early Childhood Classrooms; Birth to Five 4

Building Bridges with Broken Pieces: A Guide to Creating Genuine relationships 2

Building Partnerships for Families Experiencing Homelessness 2

CDA Coursework 120

Crisis Intervention: An Empathetic Approach 2

Diversity is More Than Cultural and We Must Embrace It on All Levels 2

Give Me Some DAP: Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Classrooms 2

Health & Safety Orientation 10

Identifying and Overcoming Behaviors that Prohibit Teamwork in the Workplace 2

Inclusive Learning Environments: Language Acquisition; An Emphasis on Dual Language Learners and Children with Exceptionalities 2

Inclusive Learning Environments: Managing Transitions; An Emphasis on Dual Language Learners and Children with Exceptionalities 2

Job Skills Orientation—The Three Step Process: Applying, Obtaining, Retaining* 2

Motivating & Retaining Students in Adult Education Programs* 2

Nutrition: What Are You Feeding Me? 2

Positive Behavior Supports: Instilling Behaviors of Self-Control 2

Shhhh… Be Quiet—Actively Listen to Me 2

Social and Emotional Development in Adults: Who’s Developing You? 2

Strengthening Families of GA Sessions Varies

Supervision: What Can Happen on Your Watch 2

Understanding and Minimizing Challenging Behaviors 2

Watch Me Grow! Developmental Milestones 2

What is Your Brand? Building Self Esteem in Our Youth 2

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